probably!? curious? definitely! I just submitted an application to join this stole KAL (knit-a-long, like a remote group knitting project for the knitting blog un-initiated). Which I found while browsing knitting blogs – a favorite evening pastime while keeping Sara company with the Jane Eyre paper or math homework or chemistry homework – and this one in particular. Lydia – join me!? P.S. there are now only 11,691 people ahead of me at ravelry – I might need to get my stash organized in September! P.P.S. I love these socks…and if Only Ewe is open Monday, I might buy yarn … Continue reading crazy.

html lesson.

…thought this might be helpful for at least one person I know who blogs – and my mom – sorry we lost you yesterday! First, the hearts. Sara provided instructions to make a heart shape show up on the page. I frequently use hearts in my journal – they’re easy to draw and fun to look at! – but didn’t know how to make one on-line. The trick is to put three things together (& + “hearts” + 😉 to make an html command. So when blogger displays it, it executes the command and shows this ♥ Sara learned this … Continue reading html lesson.