spill it.

I was completely uninspired about posting anything today. Couldn’t get any good pictures because it’s been raining (and Sara still hasn’t decided to pose). So I decided to catch up with a few of my favorite blogs, and ran across this post. What fun! So I grabbed my camera and headed out to the deck (yes, in the rain, but natural light is still the best for photos!) to “spill it” – the contents of my bag – currently a light tan coach bag (have loved coach for years and am lucky to own a few).
the bag closed:

and open:

and dumped out on the table:

contents include my wallet, camera bag (camera used for the photo!), cellphone (which I love and completely depend upon to lead a normal life), nail file, gum, ipod earphones (oops, left the ipod in the car), keys, moleskine notebook and favorite pen, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm (only the gloss gets regular use, but I like to be prepared), empty eyeglass case (usually full, but glasses on my head for the pics) and nail polish (huh?! – have no idea why since my nails are the short, natural kind….)

honestly, not as embarrassing as it would’ve been a few months ago! Like many of the bloggers who commented on that original post, I find my bag contents are very much driven by which bag I’m carrying and I change out every three months or so. The 3-months ago bag was bigger! I do usually take a bigger bag away on trips – for the beach next week, I’m planning to take my java blue bucket tote – will subtract the nail polish 🙂 and add my journal, maybe a book, maybe a magazine, and will still have room left over to add tourist maps, small purchases (postcards, earrings?), other stuff for our adventures. I’m trying hard not to repeat the habit I had last year – my bag was so heavy that it made the seatbelt light go off when I left it in the passenger seat by itself. That’s embarrassing! And imagine pretty bad for my back, too, to be carting it around.

…now wasn’t that more fun than looking at wet leaves?

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  1. Love the leaves, wait with baited breath to see the packing of the trunk. Cleveland was great, and the yarn shop better than expected. Will do a special post on the yarn I bought. I told Mr. K that I would be taking a sick day on September 19 when the YH is in Atlanta- he just shook his head! enjoy the beach.

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