trial run.

…for an empty nest. yup, that’s us til June 22. Dropped off Sara yesterday – despite the rain (actually, it wasn’t really raining when we got there about 10:45, but you could tell it had rained, and was threatening more rain, but just a few scattered drops was all that really fell while I was there) it was a very smooth process. I made it last about 3 times longer than it needed to – and I was still gone by 11:15.

Here’s a photo (and I got 5 copies made – to pickup at Wolf tomorrow to include in Sara’s care package this weekend)
counselor, Sara, SMo (aka “Sarah Morris”), counselor 2, Rachel [I’m embarrassed I can’t remember either counselor’s name – both seemed to know me, and Sara, and Rachel….]

I got home from camp a little after 3, did some laundry, read the paper and tried to figure out why the CDs that Sara burned for Mother’s Day, my trip to the DR and her friend Rachel didn’t work. Made a little progress…but wasn’t done before the Sopranos 2nd to last episode started at 9:00. Followed by a brand new Entourage at 10:00. and sleep at 10:30. Empty nesting going ok.

Up this morning at the usual time – checked email and worked for a while before a nice, but short, run in the park. Paid for the pleasure a bit with my ride to work (it felt almost like a Monday during school), but still a great way to start the week!

After work, I got gas and a car wash and had a fresh outlook on the whole CD burning thing. I think the issue is the write speed on our burner. When I take it down to 8 (and I admit I have zero idea what that really means, but I know how to run CD diagnostics in iTunes to see the write speed and how to set the write speed using iTunes Edit/Preferences) – magically, the CDs work. So I reburned a few of the ones Sara tried to make before she left – including the special one For Rachel – that I’ll also include in the care package along with extra fine point sharpies so she can inscribe the top. I sincerely doubt that anyone who reads this blog has a clue about cd burning write speeds, but I sure would like some comments about my diagnosis!

While I messed around on the computer, Marc made dinner. Not unusual for us (he’s a much better cook than I am), but still a good sign for the empty nest thing.

Good week ahead – Karen’s coming for dinner on Thursday, meeting Jean, Lydia and Karen for lunch (and stamp shopping) on Saturday, and the much awaited FINAL Sopranos on Sunday. Oh, and my boss is taking me to lunch on Friday to celebrate my very first contract renewal – signed May 24 – a five year deal!