a winning streak!

Ok – I read on someone’s blog that a post without pictures was pitiful. And I’ve already had a few picture-less ones, and I don’t want this to be another, so – thank you, Martha Stewart for this inspiration! tulips welcome anytime, I think! (please note I did find a wonderful picture of flowers in the White House-Black Market catalog that arrived today, but no luck finding those flowers on-line!)

…the battery in my camera died today (it lasted 4+ weeks so I’m really pleased), but until it recharges, I won’t download my great lunch pictures…a post for tomorrow.

Quickly, Sara won her tennis match today! yeah!!! She lost the first set 5-7, and it was getting dark so they shortened the 2nd set to ‘first one who wins by two’. That was Sara – 2-0. So a 10 point ‘super tie-breaker’ that Sara won 12-10. I think parts of my body are still tense from the stress. But way to go, Sara! The team has one more match to play next Wednesday and then the season is over. Way back in January it seemed like such a long time, but now I see how quickly the time has passed. Wow (and very glad I’ve been to all the matches but one).

More journal inspiration – from an entry last week that I’ve since reviewed with Katie, Sara and Marc – it has potential for being good!

So – I discovered (embarrassed to say just a few weeks ago!) that Katie is a wonderful writer. She strings words together to create truly beautiful thoughts and ideas. And I was thinking how cool it would be to have such a gift and talent…and then I thought about how I had no talent that way…which then led to a wonderfully liberating list of the “things I’m not going to be good at” and a quick corollary “things I am good at or could be better at”.

Not good at (aka ‘letting go is liberating’):
golf, tennis, painting, drawing, gardening, travel, non-fiction, sewing, playing the piano

Good at or could be better at – (aka ‘where I’m going to spend my time’):
baking – cookies, cupcakes, muffins
french – yes, the language – I would like to read the Paris Vogue and go to Paris….
depression glass
knitting, felting
scrapbook/art journal
photography – maybe digital photos, photoshop?
music – classical, jazz, french cafe
handwriting (one thing when you keep a handwritten journal like I’ve started – very nice to be able to actually read what you’ve written!)
writing letters